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Inspired by Nature, Crafted by Hand

Grape Leaf Oval Baker

Blue Oval Baker

Dragonfly Lantern

Square Plate with Foot

Grape Leaf Double Sauce Bowls

Oak Leaf Carved Vase

Grape Leaf Butter Dish

Grape Sgrafitto Jar

Ochre Garlic Keeper

About Me

I am thrilled to find both time and resources for creating my own work after teaching high school ceramics for many years. I especially enjoy combining my interest in botanical drawing with my clay work to produce pierced, carved, and sgrafitto designs using plant motifs. I have begun altering forms more often to add more movement to my work. My focus on functional pieces is a reflection of the pleasure obtained from the frequent contact with pieces that comes with everyday usage.

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Sgraffito Workshop

3rd February 2024 By Nancy Gorman

I’m making good use of my time in Florida, sitting in the sunshine while I sgraffito lots of pots in preparation for the summer season. On Sunday, February 11, I will be giving a workshop on sgraffito at Claymore in Naples. I’ll be talking about underglaze vs. slip, different tool choices, design considerations. The participants will be given a leatherhard tray try to work on. I’m excited to see what they will produce! I fire my pots at Claymore while I’m down here. It’s a lively place and good for my soul to be around other creative people!

Great Workshop!

8th February 2022 By Nancy Gorman

I recently had the pleasure of attending a 2 day workshop with Sara Ballek at Claymore in Naples, Florida. We worked with a luscious red midfire clay, white slip and underglazes. I made this piece as my entry for the ClaySpace face jug competition in May. It’s so much fun to play with forms, techniques and ideas that are outside my usual!

Northern Illinois Pottery Tour

18th June 2021 By Nancy Gorman

Today is the start of the tour at! And it’s the first day for my new Etsy site, NancyGormanPottery..and I have already had my first sale! So exciting. I’ll be doing a demo of sgraffito tomorrow at 1 pm. Check the website to register for a free Eventbrite ticket so you can watch all of the potters demonstrations via Zoom.