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Making pots



In Making pots

By Nancy Gorman

A New Glaze!

On 29, Jun 2014 | In Making pots | By Nancy Gorman


I tried a new glaze…at least new for me…called Nutmeg on one of my little dip trays. I really like the way it breaks over the textures. What do you all think? Now I have to try it on some larger, more vertical pieces to see how much it runs, and then do tests of it win combination with my other glazes.  The recipe came from the February 2003 issue of Ceramics Montly:  Dolomite   23.3%, Spodumene 23.3%, Frit 3134 6.8%, Kentucky Ball Clay (OM4) 23.3%, Flint 23.3%. Then add Red iron oxide 1.07%, Yellow ochre 3.24 %, tin oxide 4.85% and Bentonite 1.94%. I fire to cone 6 oxidation.